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Letters Of Reference

August 26, 2001

Dear Chuck,

On behalf of Reverend Nancy, the church Board, the Speaker & Events Committee and church community, this letter conveys heartfelt thanks for the time you spent with us and the magnificent music you performed! Folks who attended the evening at Paul's farm are still talking about the beauty of the night and how your easy-going nature and poignant music touched them. You really know how to serenade a crowd!

Sunday morning's enthusiasm was so evident - and some folks were regretting not showing up the night before! The word is out Chuck - they want you back!

Warmest regards,

Kathy Jordan
Columbia Church of Religious Science
Columbia, MD

March 5, 2001

It is my privilege and honor to write this letter of recommendation for Chuck Pyle after having experienced his awesome talents and amazing spiritual awareness. He evokes in everyone who is within the sound of his music and humor that which is best in us all. From the moment he steps on stage all who are present get to experience his brilliant light and are uplifted by his joyful outlook. He is one of the rare artists who can take an audience on a journey of feel good emotions and leave them wanting to come back for more. If you look up the word "Zen" in the dictionary don't be surprised if you find Chuck's picture, he lives the meaning of the word by who he is.

What a pleasure it was to hear Chuck perform at our "Conscious Concert Series" in January. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to bring a fresh approach to an evening of wonderful entertainment.

Rev. Michael Torphy
Senior Minister
Grand Junction Church of Religious Science
Grand Junction, CO

September 10, 1998

Dear New Thought & Religious Minister:

Let this letter serve as my enthusiastic recommendation of Mr. Chuck Pyle. Chuck is an incredible musician with a unique approach that we have absolutely loved here at Mile Hi Church. Chuck is sometimes called the "Zen Cowboy." Chuck's music conveys themes in total alignment with New Thought or Religious Science with a country and folk flair, and always with great sincerity. He is one of out favorite guest performers and we have him at least annually. His sense of humor is outstanding - it gets the audience laughing and their hearts open to receive his music. I can also assure you he is a wonderful person to work with - he is very supportive and cooperative.

Chuck is a tremendous gift and your congregation will be blessed by his performance.

Dr. Roger Teel
Senior Minister
Mile High Church of Religious Science
Lakewood, CO

February 9, 1993

Dear Minister or Center Leader,

I am writing this letter to recommend to you an extraordinary entertainer named Chuck Pyle. Unlike some of the artists that perform at Unity of Boulder, Chuck is a professional who is currently rising as a national and international star.

Beside being a gifted guitarist, Chuck has an unusually beautiful voice. His original music and country-folk style spans a high range, from heart opening experience to raucous laughter.

Chuck is a sought after entertainer who has performed on numerous Sundays at our Church. All of his concerts at the Church are sold out in advance. Everyone who hears this gifted entertainer becomes a fan. There isn't another entertainer that I have met which I would recommend as highly as Chuck Pyle.

Jack Groverland
Unity of Boulder
Boulder, CO