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Why, Honey, Why?

album: Step by Step (1990), track 10 of 14
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Tumbleweeds stuck all over the grill
Of a pink adobe Coupe de Ville
All one bad Cadillac can say
Is, "Lead, follow, son, or get out of the way."
   Why, honey, why
   Did that Bluebird have to fly?
   Those chilly winds been blowing
   Since you've gone
   Why, honey, why
   Let that storm cloud make you cry?
   Love'll be our sunshine from now on
Curly-haired, brown-eyed, long-legged beauty
Quit your messing 'round, bring your love to me
Be in my life around the clock
So I can hear my sleepy gal baby-talk
     You can't deny or qualify
     I'm your quintessential happy guy
     Making a go of love is tough
     But don't you know, it's the work I love
To think she worried I was going to forget her
I miss that gal, seven ways to forever
If time will tell, then time has told
She's the only woman I could ever hold
Oh love'll be our sunshine from now on

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