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River and the Rain

album: Romancing the Moment (2005), track 8 of 23
author: John Daly
publisher: Great Leawood Music ASCAP 1988

If you love me
Why do you leave me
Time makes changes
On everyone
If it ain't going
The way you know it
Should be going
Here's the reason
   You and I
   We're like the river and the rain
   Two different names
   Really one in the same
   You and I
   We're like the water to the sea
   What would one
   Without the other be
If you knew me
You'd see through me
Lately you don't
See through me anymore
Carefully smiling
You've been denying
Love is in and out
Every door, here's the reason
This old highway
Ain't no one-way
It's a two-lane road
Running home to you
If you know me
Please come show me
That you know
What it means
To be true
River and the rain
Falling down on me
River and the rain, falling
Falling down on me
River and the rain
River and the rain

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