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Inside of My Face

album: Romancing the Moment (2005), track 20 of 23
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

A day can turn
Into certain disaster
When you're the servant
And your mind is the master
You become the director
Of a tragic play
Where none of the actors
Seem to see it your way
Stuck in your head
With this arrogant snob
You'd think he would've
Thought himself out of a job

Because he's petty
He's stingy, he's paranoid
You'd fire the jerk
But you're self-employed
When you've had about all
Of yourself you can take
You begin to plan
This prison break
Where you get yourself busy
Figuring something out
You get out of your head
And you begin to shout
   Help me, I'm trapped
   On the inside of my face
   I woke up from a nap
   Brainstem all over the place
   Down boy, sit, roll over, stay
   Anybody know
   Psycho feng shui?
   I am trapped on the
   Inside of my face
So you drag yourself to a mental physician
With your brain stuck in the ON position
He shakes his head
At your furtive stare,
He says never, never, never be alone
When you go in there
Anything you say
Is gonna be misunderstood
'Cause your mind's
Like a bad neighborhood!

Maybe it's from back there
In your psycho-active years
You might've stripped some
Really important gear
It's dark in there
And dangerous too
From doing what all the little voices
Have been telling you to do
I think its damaged
Way beyond fixing 'cause you see
Some parts are broken but
Some are missing
   Help me, I'm trapped
   On the inside of my face
   Something in me snapped
   And now I'm being erased
   They're launching
   A frontal attack
   Somebody help me
   Get myself back
   I am trapped on the
   Inside of my face
So it turns out that reality's
Just a collective hunch
Points-of-view, all
Gathered in a bunch
People with opinions
Believing one another
Till its brain against brain
Brother against brother
When we're all chips
Off the Main Frame
But that part is hard to find
When you're thinking with
THAT brain

'Cause no amount of thinking's
Going to find THE place
When the brainstem's
In control of the face
All the little voices now
Are driving you to the brink
Of believing everything
That you think
Your true whereabouts
Remains unknown
The lights are on
   Help me, I'm trapped
   On the inside of my face
   The real me's kidnapped
   This impostor's taken my place
   Be afraid, be very afraid
   Reptilian gangliates
   Are over-running
   The inside of my face
Out of my mind--
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