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Chuck Pyle rides a Trail of inspiration, gathering his spiritual search into a thought-provoking performance that is at once hopeful and skeptical. You'll be won over by his vulnerability as he explores Western living, closely comparing the oriental metaphor to high-plains, saddle philosophy. 'Always ride the horse in the direction it's going,' he says, wryly.

Raised in Iowa, the Heartland of religious brevity, Chuck Pyle has lived in Colorado since 1965. He is a recovering Lutheran, and went to his first 12-step meeting in 1986. A month later, he performed his first Sunday service in a New Thought church, the Unity Church of Boulder, and knew he'd 'come home'. Through the mirror of new-found friends, he began his path to recovery, with a focus on everyday living skills, while writing his famous spoof of the Recovery movement, Keep It Simple, and glorious melodies like Sailing and Endless Sky. About this time, his song, Step By Step, was included in the nationally released Unity Church tape series, called LoveNotes.

His pursuit of an 'inner' life' has led him down many different paths, including a study of the Course In Miracles, Inter-active Dialogue, Domain Shift and The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. In the more secular circles of performing songwriters, he is a famed Western singer/songwriter, who is known in theaters and festivals across the country as a virtuoso guitarist with a Will Rogers-like wit, who talks straight about his journey. For one of life's quintessential feel-good moments, come spend an evening with this man's unique perspective, and see the familiar parts of your own life, through the eyes of a gifted artist.

Chuck Pyle resides on the Front Range of Colorado and has just finished his 11th album.

Chuck Pyle visits over 100 New Thought churches around the country on a regular basis, providing the special music and doing concerts. He is also available for conferences and retreats.


"His style spans a high range, from heart-opening to raucous laughter... Everyone who hears this gifted entertainer becomes a fan. All his concerts here at the church sell out in advance and there isn't another entertainer I've met whom I would recommend as highly as Chuck Pyle."
–Jack Groverland/Unity of Boulder

"Every once in a while one encounters an artist whose very nature seems to capture a portion of the glorious and heartbreaking complexities of the human predicament and who also, possesses the gift to express that portion in a unique and compelling way. [Chuck Pyle] is one of those rare artists."
–Charles Young, Nashville Songwriters Association/Santa Fe, NM

"Chuck Pyle's music is good medicine. It starts my thoughts turning, gets my heart breathing, sends my imagination flying. His wild, solid rhythm keeps me thankful I have a body to move…His songs take me to the horizons of the mystic southwest."
–David Wilcox

"Chuck's music conveys themes in total alignment with New Thought or Religious Science with a country and folk flair, and always with great sincerity."
–Dr. Roger Teel, Mile High Church