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True Unity

album: True Unity (2006), track 6 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

I want to hate you and hurt you
And make you hurt like I do
But I love you too much to
Ever want you to hurt like I do
So tell me where you were
When the boundaries began to blur
And when you became unsure
I guess it doesn't really matter now
   Driving through the countryside
   Strangers wave as I go by
   I finally see I'm going to be OK
   Don't know when I'm home again
   I just might be pure light by then
   True unity is one less day away
Was it something misspoken
A wound we broke open
An echo of a lesson
I'm so tired of second-guessing
I love you and miss you
And wish you would love me too
Though I try not to forgive you
I cannot keep from loving you
True unity
True unity
True unity
True unity is one less day away

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