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The Other Thing

album: True Unity (2006), track 11 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

I don't have to tell you
it goes without saying
Some things are better left unsaid
What to say to make a girl
want to give you a whirl
Is not the first thought in your head
Since small-talk began
a woman and a man
Talk about this and that
and the other thing
But the whole time they chat
About this and that
Nobody mentions
The other thing
   This, that, and the other thing
   This, that, and the other thing
   You talk about this
   You talk about that
   But nobody mentions the other thing
It's the keys, it's the clues
it's the little what-to-do's
They're all there if you're listening
The harder she laughs
About this and that
The harder she's thinking 'bout
The other thing
Small talk gets smaller
And tall tales get taller
And everyone's mind
Starts wandering
If you read between the lines
Of this and that you find
Everybody's thinking 'bout
The other thing

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