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Long Time Gone

album: True Unity (2006), track 13 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Take it from an old saddle tramp
Life is a trail not a camp
Changes seem to keep
The scenery young
The other side of the hill's
Going to keep me
On the trail until
All the hills are gone
Or my last song is sung
   I'm a short time here
   And a long time gone
   Every moment's dear
   Every day's a song
   I sing it like
   There's no tomorrow
   Forget my trouble
   Forget my sorrow
   I'm a short time here
   And a long time gone
I spun out on a couple of curves
Here and there I had to swerve
Every turn in the trail's
A brand new tale to tell
Thanks for coming out tonight
And letting me stand in your light
I been thinking of you
And this thing we do so well
There's some stories left to be told
From my little stretch of the road
When I'm back in town
I'll take you down that road again
Until the next time we all meet
Unless the wheels fall off of my feet
We will do this again
My friends, farewell, 'til then

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