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Endless Sky

album: Higher Ground - Songs of Colorado (2007), track 5 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Born on a rainy night
Raised in the blowing wind
Waiting for a ride on the
Next storm blowin' in
For the cows I never cared
It's ridin' horses that got me there
That and coffee at dawn
Out under the blue frontier
   Give me a fence to mend
   And a river bend
   And a dry night under the stars
   A harmonica moon, a coyote tune
   Played on a saddle guitar
   Though I've settled down
   At the edge of town
   I remember my lonesome eyes
   Seeing the freedom of the tumbleweed
   And the spirit of the endless sky
Traded in my working spurs
For the life of the His and Hers
She's one of a kind, Lord,
I know I'm one lucky guy
Besides, nothing's quite the same
Cowboyin's gotten too tame
And the roof of a pickup
Takes up too much of the sky
     Out there my heart is speaking
     So loud and clear
     Here's its only a whisper
     And it's so hard to hear

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