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album: Higher Ground - Songs of Colorado (2007), track 11 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

It's hard to find
a nighthorse
That one sure-footed right horse
To ride a cowboy safely through the dark
The finest one I ever rode
Was a short-legged bay
named Little Joe
When I signed on with
this outfit in South Park

Well, the night was still
and the moon was down
Throughout the herd
there was not a sound
That's the time an old hand
knows a cow might run
Sure enough they jumped and ran
Crashing through the smooth strand
Twenty buckeroos knew
what was to come
 They're running boys
 they're running now
 You all go run along
 Don't try to turn 'em
 back 'til they tire
 Just let 'em run their course
 Turn it over to your nighthorse
 Let him bring you
 back on home to the fire
Well, you know a lot of things
that night happened
That later got us laughin'
Though, in the moment
we were all strung pretty tight
Joe Petty thought
a clump of chamisa
Was a bedded down
herd of cows
And he circled 'round 'em
singing 'til daylight

And his nighthorse
stolen by the cook
Old Bill Jim he was set a-foot
Cussing out that cook
as he rode away
But they hadn't gone far
and they had a wreck
Bill's horse died of a broken neck
And the cook stumbled
through the night in a daze
Well, it's gopher holes
and steep ravines
In the night cannot be seen
He must use something
other than his eyes
Whatever birds fly south on
I guess that's what he counts on
Little Joe could carry me
through to sunrise

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