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Love will Find A Way

album: The Spaces in Between (2010), track 2 of 12
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Man is like a rock
Steady rolling on his walk
To some future far away
Woman is of the earth
She knows the inner worth
Of every word her heart will say
   His head's up in the stars
   She says, Please fix the car
   I've got to go to town today
   He says, How money's tight
   She says, It'll be all right
   They're learning love
   Will find a way
   Find a way
   Find a way
   They're learning love
   Will find a way
Woman wants a family
Man wants his work to be
What makes him happy everyday
Man wants a woman fast
Woman wants a love to last
She wants forever, he wants today
   For her it's what she hears
   His whisper in her ears
   Words that make the world go away
   For him it's what he sees
   His heart can find no peace
   Until he takes her all the way
Man is like an oak
He'll sway until he's broke
If he don't learn how to bend
Woman' is willow tree
Dancing on the breeze
Laughing in the face of the wind
   She don't care what they have
   Long as he makes her laugh
   She makes him come out & play
   Should someone fall apart
   The other one takes heart
   They know love always finds a way

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