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Picking Out My Outfit

album: The Spaces in Between (2010), track 5 of 12
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

I used to be a slave to old-fashion
I used to tuck my shirttail in
Now I'm into lookin' nonchalant
Like I might've come to mow the lawn
I spent an hour trying to make it look like
I didn't try to look the way I look tonight
So like I never even gave it a thought
Too cool to care if I look cool or not
   Picking out my outfit
   Like I never thought a thing about it
   Like I just kind of threw it together
   Now that's the sign of a cool dresser
   Looking cool like the way I do
   So like I didn't even try to
   Being perfectly dressed, it's true
   Lends a serenity through and through
A simple thing a man's clothes convey
A simple thing words cannot say
Looking good anytime, anywhere
Yet to imply as how you didn't care
Never mind about designer labels
Never mind about the Cool Kid's table
When you go to picking out your outfit
Pick it like you never thought about it
     It don't matter if you're middle class
     It don't matter if you're upper class
     It don't matter if you're working class
     It's all about having class

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