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Wide Open

album: The Spaces in Between (2010), track 7 of 12
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

There is a song across the land of Wyoming
A feeling of freedom we all long to recall
The door to your soul, it just swings wide open
And out rides the spirit of the Cowboy in us all
   It's so wide open
   That the spaces in between
   Make a place to have a dream
   To have a dream
   It's so wide open
   That the sky is wider than
   Any man can comprehend
   It's up around the bend
   In Wyoming
That part of us that longs to ride across the plains
Or better yet, to be running free without the reins
We need a place wild enough to go and be
All the noble ways a humble man can grow to be
     It never fails to get me
     As I go driving by
     Those fifty-story windmills
     In a big Wyoming sky

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