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A Grumpy Santa

album: A Cowboy's Christmas Dream (2014), track 7 of 12
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

   A grumpy Santa's got a lot on his mind
   Santa's grumpy cause he's falling behind
   A grumpy Santa's got a lot on his mind
   Christmas Eve's coming and he's running out of time
The elves are all mad Santa's been so grumpy
Cranky and touchy, crabby and jumpy
Irritable and gruff, snippy and rude
The elves have got themselves an attitude
Santa knows you never tell an elf to work faster
But Santa thinks they're headed for Christmas disaster
Every year a toy takes longer to make it
And every year a toy gets more complicated
     One day Mrs. Santa said, I know you're behind
     I know you're worried half out of your mind
     Lately you're so grouchy, grumpy and cross
     Without your smile the elves are lost
     So try and be kind, try it awhile
     Lose that frown, find your smile...
     Your smile...find your smile...find your
     Smile...find your smile
   When Santa's smiling he's a sight to see
   No longer grumpy, he's smiling happily
   The elves are working like little worker bees
   The toys'll all be ready to deliver Christmas Eve
And he's HAPPY!!!...He's
HAPPY...Santa's HAPPY...He's happy

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