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Fearless Heart

album: Cover Stories (2015), track 2 of 12
author: Lynn Miles
publisher: Cold Girl Music (SOCAN) © 2011

I wish I had a quiet mind
Cool water and sweet all the time
And the answer to everything
Some good luck and a pair of wings
     I wish I knew which way to turn
     I could remember every lesson I’ve learned
     I wish the world was a kinder place
     I could put a smile on your beautiful face
   I wish I had a fearless heart
   I wish I wouldn’t fall apart
   I wish I knew how to make it start
   I wish I had a fearless heart
I wish that I could leave the past behind
I wish I had a straighter line
A better view and a cleaner mess
A brand new shirt and a little more finesse
     I wish there was a golden sun
     Enough love for everyone
     I wish this wouldn’t have to hurt so bad
     Feel so crazy, feel so sad
     I wish that I was brave and cool
     That I could break my own rules
     I wish that I would face the truth
     I wish that I was bullet proof

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