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Step by Step

album: Step by Step (1990), track 7 of 14
author: Chuck Pyle and Carol Bradbury
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

There's an old ancient saying in the wind
One must only take a first step to begin
You're on your way, then, you've done the hardest part
Now make your journey with a generous heart
   Step by step, side by side
   Hand in hand,
   This old world's better ride
   Step by step, side by side
   Take a little step
   With your neighbor
   Side by side
Well, we've stumbled and we've broken our stride
Wearing old worn-out boots of foolish pride
We're going to put on our brand new running shoes
To run a race in which no one can really lose
     If you see me fallen down
     And you stop to lend a hand
     What goes around comes around
     And around and around
If you run to another for help
It don't mean you can't do it for yourself
It just means that your neighbor will know
That if he needs help, he'll know where to go
If we understand that the heart's the one true power
And that nothing that we see is really ours
That from a satellite we all look like one
I think our world's time may finally have come

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