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Love's Been Gone So Long

album: Drifter's Wind (1985), track 2 of 10
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

I've been awake now two days and two nights
Rehearsing this moment trying to get the words right
And they're falling, falling, random as rain
I guess I'm on a roll so I'll get to the point
We're too far apart to ever be joining together again
It has to be plain that
   We know what love is
   And we always demand it
   Love's been gone so long
   Love's been gone so long
   As long as love is gone
   Abandon the pain
Fate made an offer we couldn't refuse
We fell together, it was win or lose
We're losing, losing what little remains
It's not always easy to know what to do
I cannot be my new self with you
No, I'm changin', changin', tryin' to maintain
     We're two of love's casualties
     Fallen by the times
     Being together's like lookin' for peace
     Behind enemy lines
Love is an album of old photographs
Take these footprints upon your path
And remember forever, forgetting the pain
This love is dying even as we speak
Somewhere the love waits that we seek
And we'll be happy, so happy with new love again
Who knows where love went wrong
Love's been gone so long
As long as love is gone,
Abandon the pain

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