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Keep 'er Steady Cowgirl

album: Step by Step (1990), track 12 of 14
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

High, wide and handsome
Down from The Great White North
More than enough and then some
Swept her up on his horse

Tumbleweeds weren't meant to
Get stuck up on a fence
Heaven must've sent you
You've got no wire to roll against
   Keep' er steady, cowgirl
   Don't let go of the reins
   You are ready now, girl
   Never mind the growing pains
Worlds out there are waiting
Big and wide as the sky
No more hesitating
It's now or never, do or die
     As hard as you imagine
     It being without me
     We'll both be wishing
     It were that easy
     Don't give up hope.
     Give me some rope.
     When this round-up is through
     I'm gonna come for you
Wide open spaces
Between these two prairie hearts
Wondering where their place is
In a world so far apart

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