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Slow Time Kid

album: Endless Sky (1993), track 6 of 12
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

They say time is a river 
They say time is money 
When I was a kid 
Time ran slower than honey 
Sweet as the rain 
Out on BB Gun Road 
Or the candy I bought 
From the lawns I mowed
   And it was a long time from morning 'til night 
   My step was strong and my body was light 
   There was a day full of time for everything I did 
   Shiny as a dime, I was the slow time kid 
When my daddy's depot 
Felt like a jail 
Listening for a train 
I'd go walking the rail 
Thinking 'bout the world 
Farther down the line 
Anything seemed better 
Than the world I called mine
     Days been going by like telephone poles 
     Out the window of a runaway train
     Am I going to surrender to that boy
     Full of wonder
     Back there walking the rails in the rain
Now I'm not doing nothing
Just to get it done 
There's a measure of joy 
In every step I run 
All this time I been looking 
The treasure was hid 
Back there in the heart 
Of my slow time kid
Slow time kid

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