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Your Life in Love with Mine

album: Endless Sky (1993), track 9 of 12
author: Chuck Pyle and Rick Beresford
publisher: Royal Haven Music BMI, MusAmerica Pub BMI, Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

It's more than forever now 
It's more like forever after 
To begin with a simple vow 
To be one and the same 
To be known by one name
   It's a gift, after all, we're living
   Life in the same place and time
   On and on it all goes
   And I'm thankful, God knows
   To the one who made your life in love
   With mine 
If time is a river that flows 
Then love is our bridge to forever 
And when we cross over as souls 
Gonna be still holding hands 
And romantically dancing
     When you walk away 
     I watch and I'm wishing you'd stay 
     Oh, how I miss 
     That way that you kiss

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