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album: Endless Sky (1993), track 12 of 12
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Ships out on the ocean
Sailboats on the sea
Someday I'll take a notion
And one of those sailors will be me
But now when I go sailing
All I hear is the roar
Of a mile of water beneath me
And I'm longing for the shore
   And you're Sailing
   Running before the wind
   Ready for a New World to begin
   Wish I'd come with you
   Maybe someday I'll come sailing, too
I drive to favorite places
The same way every time
The same familiar faces
Assure me I'm just fine
But you my love are brave
In your slicker and your semaphore
Ready for ocean waves
While I'm watching from the shore
     Maybe my heart's this ocean of tears
     So big I may never return
     Maybe my boat's not strong enough
     When the ocean rolls and churns
I still fear the ocean
Though it brings you back to me
I feel a forward motion
That keeps on pulling me
Out beyond the waves
Voices implore
Come and find your faith
On a far and distant shore
Maybe someday I'll come sailing too

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