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Highway Highway

album: Camel Rock (1995), track 6 of 13
author: Stephen Allen Davis / Red Brazos Music
publisher: Small Town Sheet Music BMI

The circles turn and the seasons change
Dog's grow old and in the summer it still rains
But I never thought you and I 
Would ever be apart

Babies cry at their mother's breast
Sunday morning's still a day to be blessed
But what can I tell 
My broken heart
   Highway, highway
   Where you go I don't know
   Maybe closer to my dreams
   Maybe far away    
   Highway, highway
   Give me wings to fly
   It's going to be hard letting go of you
   Living separate lives
Stars aren't diamonds and the moon's not blue
There's no gold at the end of the rainbow
There's no dream to hold on to
Without you the only thing that's real
Is this lonely road tonight
     Maybe a change would be good for me
     Who knows where this road might lead

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