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Hey Hey Mama

album: Camel Rock (1995), track 12 of 13
author: Jon Ims
publisher: Rite of Passage Music BMI

Rush-hour traffic
Like some kind of funeral procession
Everyone on automatic
Following some vague obsession
Bumper to bumper all in a row
A river of asphalt in the twilight's glow
   Hey, hey mama
   Where did my life go
   Hey, hey mama
   Where did my life go
There's so much smog on this city
Like some kind of science fiction
Everyone says it's a pity
But giving up your car's
Like kicking a drug addiction
Cold gray steel, gleaming glass
Creep along as the shadows pass
     It doesn't seem that long ago
     I was running out on the beach
     My highschool girlfriend
     Always just out of reach
     That pie up in the sky
     Back then it seemed so real
     Now, no matter how hard I try
     I just can't feel
Jesus Christ on a billboard
Saying, 'Now is not the time to hesitate!'
Is that heaven he's pointing towards
Or just another exit off this interstate
Hands frozen to the steering wheel
I'm a prisoner in my own automobile

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