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Far Flung Places

album: Keepin' Time by the River (1998), track 7 of 12
author: Jane Voss
publisher: Obscure Origins 1985

To all my friends in far flung places
When again I'll see your faces
No one knows, no one can say
And none can name that happy day
When we embrace to greet once more
To take up where we were before
The miles and time that come between
The different lives that intervene
   Like shadows
   In a dream
   I am with you
To all of you who took me in
Who shared the thick
and stretched the thin
Who gave me comfort on the run
Who saved my life, who made it fun
Wherever you may be tonight
I hope this finds your burdens light
Your purpose high, your spirit strong
Oh, I hope that you have got along
   My song
   Was lost and gone
   Were it not for you
   In stranger's shapes
   I seem to trace
   The lines of old familiar faces
   I've left my heart so many places
   I scarcely know
   Which way is home
   And parting is my constant sorrow
   Here today and gone tomorrow
   I'd like to wake up in some town
   And find that you were
   All around me
   And all of us were settled down
   And I'd come home
To all my friends in far flung places
May I stay in your good graces
Hold me in your memory
And when you do not hear from me
   Don't think
   That out of sight
   Is out of mind
For though our lives may lead apart
You are always in my heart
I'll go out on this road to meet
My fate to taste the bittersweet
Of welcome
Waiting somewhere
Down the line, Down the line

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