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Colorado Wind

album: A Few Miles Back, Volume 1 (2001), track 1 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

I'm too cold to care where I'm goin'
Too cold to care where I've been
Waiting out on the highway
In the Colorado Wind
Blowin' by me

There's cattle feeding and it's snowin'
I can see the yellow river in the bend
And I can hear the winter trees a-growin'
And all that Colorado Wind
Blowin' by me

And all that's been changin'
Half a million years ago
When the miner lost his mine
People came up from the
Muddy waters down below
And they took the land I thought was mine
Roll on by me, oh take it up easy

So this big machine's gone rolling by me
And I know exactly where they've been
Soon there'll be no more winter trees a-growin'
No more Colorado Wind
Blowin' by me
Roll, roll on buddy,
Roll on Colorado Wind

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