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Say No

album: A Few Miles Back, Volume 1 (2001), track 12 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

I know you're rehearsing
For later on
That boy in the moonlight
Who's coming on
Give your intuition
Total permission
To say no

When the world's pushing
Confusing your mind
No is the perfect word
To give your heart time
With the information
Is the situation
Yes or no
   And I know when you say no
   You just want to know your own mind
   And I know when you say no
   It's just your own way
   You're trying to find
   When there's too much expectation
   Just a little hesitation
   Will give a gal time
   To know her own mind
   And say no
When you're in your heart
The days are long
The step is light
And the will is strong
It's easy to listen
If your intuition
Says no

I don't take it personal
I know that you're kind
And there's probably a yes
Not too far behind
When you're contrary to me
It's only temporarily no
It's involuntarily
Only temporarily no

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