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Blue Train

album: Affected by the Moon (2002), track 3 of 13
author: Tom Kimmel & Jennifer Kimball
publisher: Criterion Music Corp/Morissette Music/Colgems-EMI Music, Inc/Sweet Angel Music (ASCAP) 1988

Watching the long faces riding this run-down track
And the lost places from a dream that never brings them back
And the sad truth is nothing but a cold, hard fact
   I'm riding the blue train
   Over the miles yet to cover
   A ghost in a hurry to fade
   I'm taking it one way to nowhere
   Afraid you might be there
   To find me inside this blue train
Counting the burned bridges trailing the rusted wreck
As our back pages scatter in the dust we left
Like a pearl necklace falling from around your neck
Away . . . down the road
A ticket to an empty room,
A rendezvous unknown
Away . . . down the road
Away . . . down the road
Away . . . down the road
Away . . . down the road

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