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Why Pretend

album: Affected by the Moon (2002), track 7 of 13
author: Tom Kimmel and Jeff Franzel
publisher: Maverick Music Company/WB Music Corp./Bird Wins Publishing (ASCAP) 1999

I could say we're friends, I could let you in
I could almost forget about what might have been
What might have been, what still could be
If you loved me, I'd let you in

I could almost say I wish you well
I could smile and wave like nothing's wrong
But you could tell
You could tell, you always could
And that's no good, when you can tell
   Why pretend
   I'm in the clear again
   How can I begin to be through
   Tell me what's the use
   When we both know the truth
   That I'm still in love with you
I threw your letters out, took your pictures down
I cleaned and painted, moved a lot of stuff around
Moved stuff around like that would do
To get rid of you I moved stuff around

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