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Romancing the Moment

album: Affected by the Moon (2002), track 9 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Let's you and I go chase a rainbow together
Let's be devil-may-care, let's be now-or-never
Forever's a word in story and song
All my forevers never lasted that long

Never mind a promise, never mind a vow
Show me that you know how to be with me now that
Time is standing still, let's measure this way
Let's count our forevers kiss-by-kiss, day-by-day

     Forever came and went, I should know,
     I was there, I saw it come and go
     Looking back I see it all another way
     The truth just keeps on changing every day

It's too late for yesterday, too soon for tomorrow
A day without a doubt is a day without sorrow
Hearts know the moment they rest in safe hands
And romancing that moment leaves nothing to chance

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