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Yucki Sushi

album: Romancing the Moment (2005), track 6 of 23
author: Original
publisher: Beechwood Music BMI 1963, Salspot Music BMI 1998

I am from Minnesota
I went to Tokyo to
Visit the land
Of enchantment
And quaint pagoda
I almost died
The night they tried
To make me eat that yucki sushi
They think it tastes so yummy
But hey I ain't no dummy
I knew no way
Would it stay
Down in my tummy
I took a bite
I was right
No like-y icki yucki sushi
     It took some wine
     But I finally agreed
     To taste that dish
     Of dead fish
     And seaweed
What happened next
I don't know
I loosened my kimono
I made a noise
Like the voice
Of Yoko Ono
And just like that
All on the mat
No like-y icki yucki sushi
     Don't eat raw squid like I did,
     If you do
     It'll make you do
     Like when you
     Get the flu
So if you're in Nagoya
Here's a suggestion for ya
Take my advice
Stick with rice
Think twice before ya
Bow in disgrace
Lose lunch and face
No like-y icki yucki sushi
No like-y icki yucki sushi

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