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Poem - A Time to Decide

album: Romancing the Moment (2005), track 9 of 23
author: Bruce Kiskaddon
publisher: From Rhymes of the Ranges, 1987

Did you ever stand on the ledges
On the brink of a great plateau
And look from her jagged edges
On the country that lay below

There where the vision meets no resistance
And there's nothing to stop the gaze
'Til the mountain peaks in the distance
They stand wrapped in a purple haze

And there were the things that you thought were strongest
And the things that you thought were great
And for which you'd striven for longest
They don't seem to carry that much weight

And as you gaze on that vision
And your outlook is so clear and wide
If you have to make a decision
That's the time and place to decide

'Cause should you return to the city
And mingle again with the throng
And your heart is softened with pity
Or just bitter from strife and from wrong

And others may laugh in derision
And that voice of the past grows dim
You got to remember the cool decision
You made that day up on the rim

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