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Front Page news in Portland, Maine! Go to www.portlandphoenix.com and in search type "mercury dental fillings" Also, this article makes good use of WHO toxicology data, journal articles and both Dr. Hardy's and Lydia Bronte's books.

Dear Friends,

I frequently get asked questions about mercury.

In 1993, I was diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning. My symptoms were common, with even mild mercury poisoning. I would periodically have severe spasms in my spleen and gall bladder, my hair began to fall out, my ears rang, I was easily confused, my fingers tingled, and my face turned gray.

I started going to a men's anger-management meeting, I was so irritable.

After over a year of being mis-diagnosed, I went to Rain Olympia Crow, a reputable Boulder, Colorado naturopath & chiropractor, who found my illness with alternative medicines workhorse, a bio-feedback device (there are no reliable allopathic tests for mercury, unless you do DMPS, with a 24 hour urine test) called a Vega machine, invented by a German named Erick Voll.

Under her guidance, I first did a bio-compatibility test for the kind dental materials my body liked the best. Then, I had my amalgam fillings replaced with composite, which is powdered glass with resin, and is more durable than amalgam. Also, composite lasts longer because it binds molecularly to your tooth, sealing it from decay, and eventual root canals.

Then, over six months, I took six-5mg shots of DMPS (Di-Mercapto Propane Sulfate), a chelating agent invented by the Chinese for workers in the Cinebar/Mercury mines. I then went on an alkaline diet for over a year to re-mineralize from the DMPS chelation. I didn't get really well for two years or so. The alkaline diet is difficult.

Today, my ears still occasionally ring, I get too spacey to have it be caused by fatigue, and grumpy once in a while, especially after too much exercise or too much soaking in a hot spring, all of which I attribute to a small amount of mercury left in my system. I have some permanent hair loss, but mostly in my beard. I never had the Big Hair, and now I like the way it feels to have my head shaved. Both men and women seem to like it, and I can swim faster.

Best regards,


PS For great info, go to Dr. Joseph Mercola's site at www.mercola.com. Also, see Dr. Andrew Weil's at www.drweil.com.