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Lay This Old Guitar Down

album: Step by Step (1990), track 2 of 14
author: Chuck Pyle and John McClure
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Rockies coming into sight
I've been up half the night
Driving this ancient car
Windows are down
I've been letting out
The steel guitar
Up out of the plains
Where the rivers run
Onto the range
Where the wind and the sun
Comfort a mother and son
When I'm not around
   Tonight in the hills
   I'll pray on sacred ground
   Some day I'll lay this
   Old guitar down
From the start
I was too good to quit
But never good enough to get
Ahead of the game
I met her one night
Eyes full of light
The eternal flame
I built her a cabin
With a hand-carved door
A medicine wheel
To keep out the war
Raging like a fire
Waiting on the rain to pour down
     Right where this old cabin stands
     Arapahoe and Cheyenne
     Prayed to the Great Spirit
     To answer
     I'm putting this lance away
     And I'm coming home to stay,
     And I'll be your sun dancer again
I know this old guitar's a friend
But I need a place to mend
And a time to heal
Well, don't worry, darling
I'll be playing this old Martin
Again when I feel
The rush of the music
When nobody cheers
The joy of the tunes
When nobody hears
Only you are there to hear
The sound coming down
Lay this old guitar down
Need to put it down

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