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I Always Go Walking

album: Step by Step (1990), track 3 of 14
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

In the deep of the evening
On the open road
I roll on believing
That you're still there to hold
So much a part of me
Don't know where I begin
Or when I will start to be
Happy without you again.
   I always go walking
   Just before dawn
   When memories are talking
   And hope's almost gone
I gave her the rose
She gave me the spring
Yet somehow I chose
Like the snow to go drifting
And tonight it falls
On this high country road
And destiny calls
Who am I to say I won't go
     I pray the sun won't go down
     In the hills above the town
     In the night there's no escape
     From the turns a mind will take
     Sundown to sunup
     Out on the road like a paper cup
     In the winds of yesterday
     All my tomorrows blow away
     ...Blow away
     ...Down a lost highway
In the river trees
The winds of time
Like the memories
Come blowing through my mind
But the morning sun
Is my trusty friend
'Til the day is done
And the night comes rushing in

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