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Mile High Feeling

album: Higher Ground - Songs of Colorado (2007), track 7 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Out of the city
Up into the state
Where nothing matters, everything can wait
Walls and ceilings all been feeling like jail
That creek water tastes like wine
My inner rattlesnake's unwinding
I'm downloading, off-roading
Breaking new trail
  'Cause I got a mile-high feeling
   That Rocky Mountain
   Kind of free-wheeling
   Way of dealing with life's
   Easy-come, easy-go
   Out of my mind and
   Into my senses
   Takin' love and
   Tearing down fences
   I'm jump-starting my heart
   Into letting go
Letting go is only half the battle
Running races with my shadow
Me and my shadow
Every step of the way
My top's down, I'm comin' alive
Southbound down 285
Baby, I need a
High country hideaway
     Cast your line upon the water
     And make a wish
     Work is for people
     Who don't know how to fish

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