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My Grandpa's Hands

album: Higher Ground - Songs of Colorado (2007), track 8 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

My Grandpa rode
This yellow plain
He told the sky
When to make it rain
And he taught the lightning
How to turn
The night into the day

He would make
The cloud ships form
Then he'd escape
Into the storm
And reappear
Striking fear
In every soldier's heart
   South of Rocky Ford
   On a sea of sand and grass
   With no sign of island or shore
   There lies the grave
   Of my Grandpa's hands
When he let them
Have their way
They divided him
Seven different ways
So afraid were they
He would rise again
To strike them down

Seven different soldiers
Acting alone
Seven different graves
Whereabouts unknown
And one lone soldier
Came to bury
His hands on the Grasslands
A quarter moon
Rose out of time
On a vanishing point
Down an old fence line
Sweetgrass and Timothy
As far as you can see
The Comanche Grasslands

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