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Here Comes the Water

album: Higher Ground - Songs of Colorado (2007), track 9 of 13
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Just about sundown the wind got strange
Coming off the prairie like the tide
Spilling down the Never Summer Range
Old man wind on a nightime ride

Fireballs on the telephone wires
Heat lightin' all over the park
Somewhere in the distance there's a fire
The rains begin. It gets dark

Three feet of water runnin' the street
Picking up speed, picking up power
There where the two rivers meet
They say it hit fifty miles an hour

Nowhere for the water to go but down
Down the Big Thompson it did roll
Everyone in Estes Park town
Listenin' heard it on the radio

[Here comes the water]

Patrolman Purdy, number 213
Racing the canyon like a dash
Warning everybody by the stream
Turned in time to see the splash

"10-33, my car won't move."
Then so everyone could hear
"The mud is up to the windows."
Then with just a trace of fear

He said, "Here comes the water!"
 "213, what's your 10-20, over?
 213, do you read, do you copy, over?
 Clear all channels
 we have a Mayday condition.
 Mayday, what's your location, over?
 Do you copy, Mayday, come back?
 Mayday, do you read, come back?
 Mayday, do you copy, come back?
 Mayday, come back! Come back, Mayday!
 Mayday, comeback. Mayday, comeback
 Mayday, Mayday, comeback
 Mayday, Mayday, comeback
 Do you copy, Mayday, over?

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