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I Can't Go to Mexico

album: Keepin' Time by the River (1998), track 3 of 12
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

The moon on the desert
Is a beautiful blue
Tonight, I am thinking of you
Puerto Vallarta made our love new
The all-night ferry to Cabo San Luu
Your curly hair
When it was raining
Your mascara
Like a dangerous painting
Staining your pillow I know
I can't go to Mexico

That rainy night we
Rendezvous'd with friends
San Miguel De Allende, the Governors Inn
Your eyes happy as mandolins
Asking mine to dance with them
Dancing in our squeaky
New huaraches
While a band
Of wild mariachis
Played Cielito Lindo I know
I can't go to Mexico
     There on the sand
     We came to understand
     Time had been slipping
     Through our hands
     Days had been crazy
     With nothing to show
     We promised ourselves
     We'd save up our dough
     Where there was a will
     We knew there was a way
     Time'd stand still
     Here again someday
     Now it all seems
     Like so long ago
     And I can't go to Mexico

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