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Other Side of the Hill

album: Keepin' Time by the River (1998), track 4 of 12
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Watch out when he starts to twist
Hold tight with a leather fist
That's what Daddy told me
How to ride the bull
There's a jingle in my jeans
Sore places in between
I'm leaving Tennessee
With a push and a pull
   10-4 buddy, come on back
   Horse trailer on a Cadillac
   You're talking to the cowboy
   In the Coupe De Ville
   Chug-a-lug up one side
   Glide down the other
   I'm a lover of the other
   Side of the hill
Turn up that radio
Don't think about rodeo
Don't think about round-up
Up in old Cheyenne
It's a crazy circuit
Yet you still work it
Turn up that sound, boy
Let's check the scan
Bandana's on a rearview mirror
Still wet from ear-to-ear
Once again it's proven
What the wise men say
When you ride that last one
Better make it a fast one
Jump while he's movin'
Tip your hat and just walk away

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