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Sedona Ramona

album: Keepin' Time by the River (1998), track 5 of 12
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

She's dancing in the sand
Out behind my car
Singing the words
Playing air-guitar
Rocketbuster boots
& a cactus corsage
She's the spitting image
Of my desert mirage

She wears a medicine bag
Of painted desert dirt
Sedona Ramona now
She's a piece of work
She comes to the point
She's sweet in between
The desert may rule
But she's the Cactus Queen
   Here's a new song
   To Sedona Ramona
   Down in Tucson
   Southern Arizona
   I set her loose on
   Account of my dreams
   I miss my Tucson
   Cactus Queen
That highway's shimmering
Like gasoline
I am on my way to
My Cactus Queen
Silver moonlight
Earring spark
Today is just tonight
Waiting for the dark
     It's a hundred & ten
     In the center of the night
     And the stars are falling like rain
     We're making love
     With all of our might
     And this river of fire
     Is roaring through our veins

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