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Diablo Dead-Eye

album: Drifter's Wind (1985), track 6 of 10
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Born in the center of a storm
Conceived in a human form
Set down in a town near Spirit Lake
Every morning my eyes'd water
So many years on the fire water
Just to see what an old body could take
Red-eye's a raw bourbon
Hits a man like a hurricane
Roots had better be deep when the hurricane blows
Rain rained and the river overran
Wind blew and I could not stand
My roots were shallow
   Diablo dead-eye
   Drinkin' red-eye by the bottle
   Diablo dead-eye
   Drinkin' red-eye till I'm hollow
One night in the red-eye bourbon
An angel appeared with a sermon
Said life'll be good as you settle for
The dust don't settle for less than the rain
A man finds relief from pain
Threw my bottle down and walked the door
I'm going to die of old age
With the cactus and the sage
Seep into the sand with the water
But I'll rise up again
In a tumbleweed stem
Roll on the high plains forever
Diablo dead-eye
Takin' every curve full throttle
Diablo dead-eye
Getting' my nerve from the bottle

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