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Camel Rock

album: Drifter's Wind (1985), track 7 of 10
author: Chuck Pyle
publisher: Bee 'n' Flower Music BMI

Gravity's so much lighter today
I can make my getaway
I'm on my way to Camel Rock
The only Lord here is the landlord
We all know who he's in it for
Nobody listens to me here when I talk
Time just kind of slips away here
Days they come and they disappear
I'm running down like a worn-out clock
Been here long enough to know
My home's in New Mexico
Living in the shadow of
Camel Rock
   Into the vista
   Panoramas all around
   Out in the distance
   Room enough to turn around
What kind of music do you hear sweet Lisa
When the morning sun hits the Chamisa
Do you hear a concerto by Bach
Do you hear the darkness a-falling
Can you feel the Southwest a-calling
Do you hear the rhythm of
Camel Rock
I'm leaving all my hang-ups in the closet
Kissing off the damage deposit
Who'll be there now to hear opportunity knock
Not me no I'm on my way
Running along the Rio Grande
Running the river down to you
And Camel Rock

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